In an ever-changing business world, it is critical for companies to have access to the best talent to gain a competitive advantage. This is where active sourcing comes into play. It differs from traditional recruiting, where companies wait for applications, and refers to proactively finding and targeting talent.

Active sourcer

A good Active Sourcer in IT Recruiting has the following skills and activities:

  1. Market and industry knowledge: A good Active Sourcer understands the needs and challenges of the business and knows what skills and qualifications are required for the job.
  2. Networking: A good network in the industry is critical to identifying and targeting talent. Active sourcers use social networks, professional groups and events to connect with potential talent.
  3. Communication Skills: A successful sourcer is an excellent communicator who is able to attract talent to the company by being persuasive and understanding their needs and goals.
  4. Make quick decisions: A good active sourcer acts quickly and effectively to engage potential talent early in the recruiting process.
  5. Relationship Building: a successful Active Sourcer understands the importance of relationships and uses their communication skills to build a strong connection with potential talent.

In summary, Active Sourcing is an effective tool in the recruiting toolkit that helps companies achieve their goals and maintain their competitive advantage. A good Active Sourcer has an understanding of the company's requirements, a wide network in the industry, excellent communication skills.