The trend on the labor market: The potential of candidates is getting smaller and smaller - and the demand continues to rise.

When companies are looking for employees, it is good if they also draw attention to this, e.g. by approaching candidates. In this way, they are already doing much more than so many others who are still hoping that potential candidates will find their way to the company by whatever means - they are not really looking. It's more like tokenism. Because otherwise they would find some. (On topic: Homegrown shortage of skilled workers)

But they write that they are looking. For example, "Nursing specialists wanted." Or "painters wanted. Or, very original and specific, because then everyone knows what is meant: "Employees wanted. I always ask myself, "Could you be a little more specific?

The following also applies to personnel marketing: Seek and you shall find.

Even if you're not Bible-bound, you've probably heard the quote, "Seek and you shall find." heard. In relation to the current job market, however, this is only true to a limited extent and is strongly dependent on the real commitment of the companies. Matthew (not Loddar!) already knew this. Slightly modified by me, the Bible verse reads as a whole: "For he who offers receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Translated to the so-called "Employer Branding"In other words, show what you have to offer your (future) employee and treat him or her with appreciation. So if you are looking, you also have to offer.

Labor market fished dry - recruiting in difficult times

Apparently, many companies have still not realized that we now have an almost empty labor market in many cases. The latest labor market figures have just been announced. And they suggest (at least for people who work with Recruiting have to do) see a bleak future: Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is below five percent!

Actually, such figures, which no one would have thought possible a few years ago, are incredibly gratifying. On the other hand, however, this also means a real challenge for you, because the potential of potential candidates is getting smaller and smaller - and the demand for workers continues to rise.

Much potential among passive-seeking candidates

But there's good news, too: Many employees are open to new jobs and candidate approaches due to inadequate employment relationships: More than five million employees have already quit their jobs internally and have no emotional attachment to the company, according to Gallup's annual engagement index. Even if the index is not entirely uncontroversial and other surveys come to somewhat different conclusions, the trend is clear: There is untapped potential here, and this is your opportunity! The good news is that in addition to the 20 percent who are actively looking for a job, there are many millions who are open to a change of scenery. But these people often lack the incentive to take the step and apply.

Opportunity for recruiters: create awareness, actively search

So now you come into play, with the candidate appeal. Because YOU have to create this incentive. As already written above, drawing attention to the fact that you are looking is good. However, thousands of other companies out there are doing the same. Wouldn't it be much more effective if the companies that are now making at least a rudimentary effort to draw attention to themselves as employers did it correctly and consistently?

Who do you think will generate more applications and attention? A company that is simply looking or one that offers incentives (and communicates them) to consider the offer by citing suitable arguments - i.e. employee benefits?

Call: Apply as a company to potential employees

A mere application is no longer enough today. Apply to your new employees, show off what you have to offer. Of course, you have to keep your promises - after all, you want your employees to stay with you (without quickly quitting again) and not have to start looking again. All of this is important when approaching candidates.

"For he who offers receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks it will be opened." Exactly.

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