The offer phase in the recruiting process is a crucial time when both companies and potential candidates put forward their best arguments to initiate a successful collaboration. However, it is not uncommon for candidates to receive a counter-offer from their current employer after receiving an offer. In such situations, it is crucial for expert managers to take a professional and strategic approach to successfully retain potential talent.


Counter offer

Understanding the complexity of counter offers

Before we turn to the best strategies for dealing with counteroffers, it is important to understand the underlying dynamics. Your desired candidate has received an offer from you, in parallel with a counteroffer from the current employer. Counteroffers from the current employer can have a variety of motives, ranging from appreciation of the employee to attempts to prevent the loss of qualified employees. It is therefore crucial to consider the candidate's needs and motivations during the negotiation phase.

The importance of open communication

An essential step in dealing with counteroffers is to encourage open and honest communication with the candidate. Line managers should encourage the candidate to share their thoughts and concerns about the counter-offer. This allows the company to better understand and address the candidate's individual needs. Ilka Szentkiralyi emphasizes:

"Open communication is key to gaining the candidate's trust and building a long-term relationship. Only when all the cards are on the table can an informed decision be made."

Highlight the advantages of your own offer

Throughout the recruitment process, specialist managers should highlight the unique selling points of their company and the workplace. This can include the attractive work environment as well as the long-term development opportunities and career prospects. A solid offer that meets the candidate's individual needs can increase the attractiveness of switching to the new employer.

Show the appreciation of the candidate

An effective strategy to deal with counteroffers is to communicate to the candidate how much he or she is valued by the organization. This can be done through personalized messages, one-on-one conversations, and recognition of his or her past accomplishments. An appreciative attitude shows the candidate that they will play an important role in the organization and are a valued member of the team.

Communicating the long-term vision

In addition to the immediate attractiveness of the offer, specialist managers should also communicate the company's long-term vision and common goals. A clear and compelling perspective on career development within the company can encourage the candidate to think long-term and see the long-term benefits of the move.

Counteroffers can be challenging in the recruiting process, but with the right approach, line managers can successfully navigate these situations. Open communication, highlighting the strengths of one's offer, valuing the candidate, and illustrating the company's long-term vision are essential elements in successfully retaining talent. In the words of Ilka Szentkiralyi:

"Dealing with counteroffers in a professional and appreciative manner can lay the foundation for long-term and successful collaboration."

By applying these proven strategies, subject matter managers can attract the best talent to their organizations and build lasting relationships that drive business success.

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