Today's business world is all about technology and innovation, and no sector is as driven by it as information technology. Companies are scrambling for the best IT talent to drive their digital initiatives and gain competitive advantage. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at effective recruiting strategies for IT professionals in the age of ServiceNow. We'll delve into technical terms, jargon, real-world examples, and current statistics to offer a comprehensive look at the world of IT recruiting.


1. ServiceNow and its importance for companies

ServiceNow has become an indispensable platform for companies that want to optimize and automate their business processes. According to a study by Gartner, 80% of Fortune 500 companies already use ServiceNow for IT service management and more. This rapid adoption is leading to increased demand for ServiceNow specialists. According to LinkedIn, demand for ServiceNow professionals increased by an impressive 40% last year.

2. the challenges in IT recruiting

Finding highly qualified IT experts is no easy task. The skills shortage plaguing the IT sector requires innovative strategies to attract top talent. One of our clients, a global software company was struggling to find experienced ServiceNow developers to expand its platform. Traditional recruiting approaches left positions unfilled for months.

3. targeted approach through active sourcing

Active sourcing has proven to be an effective method of identifying and targeting passive candidates. This involves using specialized recruiters to proactively select and target candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. According to a survey by Stack Overflow, 75% of developers are not actively using job search platforms, but are open to the right opportunity.

4. employer branding and ServiceNow expertise

A strong employer brand is critical for IT talent. Companies should emphasize their technology expertise and commitment to continuous learning and professional development. One IT company improved its employer branding with our help by offering free ServiceNow webinars for developers, which led to an increase in qualified applications.

5. technical evaluations and skills assessments

Technical skills are of utmost importance in the IT sector. Detailed skills assessments can help recruiters ensure that applicants have the required skills. According to a study by HackerRank, 75% of applicants worldwide fail basic technical tests.

6. agile recruitment and speed

The IT industry is agile and fast-moving. Therefore, recruiting must also take the same approach to hire qualified candidates in a timely manner. One of our clients, a software company significantly reduced its time-to-hire by shortening the selection process for ServiceNow developers from four to two weeks. This reduced the percentage of candidates dropping out during the application process by over 60%.

7. personalized approach and candidate experience

A personalized approach and a positive Candidate Experience are crucial to convincing applicants. This includes transparent communication and a clear presentation of career opportunities. According to a study by IBM, 72% of applicants state that their perception of a company is influenced by their candidate experience.

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