In recent years, the job market has developed strongly in favor of candidates in the battle for IT talent. Top talents have a choice between excellent positions and companies. In the context of digitalization, companies are looking for very similar IT specialist profiles. This so-called "battle for IT talent" poses new challenges for many companies. Therefore, employers are ready to attract candidates with above-average compensation and benefits. Recruiting plays an increasingly important role in this process. But what can you do as a hiring manager to attract talent?

Battle for talent

Yawn. Buzz word. It's trite. But fact!
No matter what we want to call it, it exists: the battle for talent.
Ilka Szentkiralyi, founder of indiv HR GmbH, which specializes in the placement of IT specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, puts it in a nutshell: "IT specialists are approached by recruiters and headhunters almost every day". Whereas ten years ago, as a hiring company, you placed a job ad and processed the incoming applications, today it is the candidate who makes the selection.

Fast application process

Companies that want to win the battle for IT talent must ensure that the application process is short and fast. We observe that a large number of our customers lose candidates because the application process is drawn out, candidates do not feel they are being met, or communication leaves much to be desired.


Quick appointment - not only by email

Pick up the phoneYou have received an interesting resume? Then what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and make an appointment! There are many companies with rigid processes. Time and time again we hear statements from companies like "our recruiting shared services center will set up an appointment" or "we are still waiting to hear back from the candidate on our email with appointment suggestions", etc. For real? In the meantime, five more companies get back to that very candidate. Why not just send the candidate a text message or WhatsApp? You don't just communicate with your friends, colleagues and family via email either, do you? Show the candidate your interest and that you want to quickly exchange ideas about the open role.

Interview? No. Exchange. Or getting to know each other.

Conduct the initial meeting with pleasure simply on the phone! You can set it up quickly and at short notice, discuss the mutual key points and determine whether a personal meeting makes sense. During the initial contact, explain what your application process looks like and approximately how long it will take. Make the conversations with candidates an interesting exchange. The experts at indiv HR have not used the outdated word interview for a long time. After all, the conversations are not an interrogation or one-sided interview, but rather a mutual exchange. An appreciative conversation about the role, responsibilities and mutual expectations.

Modern meeting forms

Does it really always have to be a face-to-face meeting? Use modern meeting forms for discussions with candidates. In times of Skype Video, Google Hangouts, etc., you can massively speed up the application process by meeting candidates in person only in the last round. Save travel costs and travel time! Make the organizational process easy for your candidates, too. Offer online meeting forms - with or without video, as you like.

Do not forget feedback

Always give candidates a deadline at the end of the interview for when you will get back to them. Do you? Very well! But do you always meet this deadline? Even if you have not been able to make a decision at that point: communicate this as well. The candidate feels picked up and informed. And thus valued. You can also do this simply by WhatsApp, combined with a weekend greeting on a Friday afternoon.


And always remember: it is no longer the candidate who applies to you, but you to the candidates.



Active sourcing with indivHR

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