Study job ads? Not a chance. IT talents increasingly want to be contacted directly by employers. The small catch: each request must be individually adapted to the candidate.

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IT talents about to graduate are confident in their approach to job hunting, according to a recent study by get in it and the HTWK Leipzig. More than 1,000 German career starters and young professionals were surveyed about their attitude to job hunting and starting a career. Findings that are certainly also interesting for the Austrian labor market:

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They are in demand on the job market, and they know it: the majority of the IT talents surveyed - graduates close to graduation and young professionals alike - would like to Be contacted directly with job offers. But a call from the HR department is not enough.

  • Please do not call! Employees in IT prefer the Contact via email or message via social mediaafter employers have become aware of them. If they want to contact an employer themselves, they also choose e-mail as a means of communication.
  • IT talents have a clear idea of who they want to be contacted by. There is a wide gap between desire and reality here. Half of those surveyed have already been approached by a headhunter, 65 percent by a company's HR department. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd of contact requests, you have to approach things differently: 62 percent of young IT professionals would like to speak to someone in the field right away and be contacted by an Employees from the IT Department be contacted. For 35 percent, an inquiry from the HR department is perfectly okay.
  • What makes a good approach? For both latent and active job seekers, an approach must be respond to their specific situation. "The request must professionally match the information in my resume / in my profile" - this is especially desired by those who are not actively looking for a job, but are present on job portals.
  • Good professional development opportunities are particularly important to IT talents when choosing an employer. This Perspectives should therefore already be communicated in the initial address.
  • About half of active and passive searchers want a job with an employer whose Values fit to them.


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