In the current economic situation, it's sometimes hard to imagine that the economy will eventually return to normal. That companies will soon be hiring employees again as normal. In many cases, jobs that were no longer filled or eliminated precisely because of the pandemic will have to be filled. The labor market has already changed: there are more active applicants again, but even if the economy stabilizes, they will quickly have a job again and will therefore no longer be available on the labor market. What does recruiting look like after Corona?

"I think the focus and way of working of recruiters will change drastically in the coming months and a rethink should start now at the latest," says Ilka Szentkiralyi, managing director of indivHR, an active sourcing recruiting firm focusing on IT roles in German-speaking countries.

So what should you be thinking about today if you want to ramp up your recruiting again tomorrow?


Analyze your recruiting processes

Are your recruiting processes effective and efficient enough? Remember that in a few months, many companies will be looking for exactly the same candidates as you at the same time.

recruiting to corona"How competitive are the recruiting processes? Where, if any, are companies losing time when potential candidates could already be accepting another offer? How can they become even faster? Are recruiters and hiring managers pulling together and working hand-in-hand? For employers, take the time to talk through your process step-by-step with all steakholders, and invite 1-2 employees who last started with you to the conversation as well," recruiting expert, Ilka Szentkiralyi continued.

Remote and virtual interviews 

You switched to virtual meetings in your interviews during Corona? Why not keep this for some of your recruiting after Corona? It's faster and more efficient, and after months of remote work or Video conferencing candidates also expect this to be an option. Think about continuing to conduct the initial interviews on the phone or via video conference with candidates and only the final interview in a face-to-face meeting.

"Telephone or video interviews have been a proven means of setting up interviews with candidates at short notice for many years. Candidates often save themselves a vacation day that they would otherwise have had to take for an interview. Feedback from our candidates clearly shows that candidates prefer telephone or video interviews for the first round of talks," confirms the indivHR Active Sourcing team.

Start your recruiting activities now at the latest

If you wait until you have your jobs approved and you can hire again, you will lose valuable time (and talent). Until the Economic situation has normalized so farIf everyone starts recruiting again, your competition on the labor market will be stronger than before the crisis. At the same time, more companies will be looking for the same profiles as you.

"Companies need to have a "basic noise," says Ilka Szentkiralyi. "They need to have a presence on social media platforms and be now build their candidate network for the future. That way, they end up being faster than the competition."

Therefore, build your candidate pipeline now! Conduct interviews with candidates and retain the best talent to your company now. Even though you may not be hiring now! Then, when your positions are approved, you'll be able to move directly into final interviews with pre-selected candidates and quickly make offers. This puts you a huge step ahead of your competitors in the labor market.


indivHR will be happy to help you with customized tips and tricks to make you even more successful in recruiting.

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