The year 2023 will bring some changes in the field of recruiting. This is shown by a forecast from t3n, a magazine for digital business. Here are the most important recruiting trends that companies should pay attention to.

Recruiting Trends 2023

Recruiting trend: candidates are becoming more selective

More and more candidates are setting their own conditions and standards when it comes to finding work. This means that companies have to work harder to find the right employees. "Candidates' expectations of the application process are rising," says Ilka Szentkiralyi, managing director of indivHR. "It's important to engage with candidates and provide them with a positive experience."

Social media as a recruiting channel

In the past, social media were mainly used for marketing purposes. In the future, they will also serve as important recruiting channels. "Social media is a very powerful tool for raising awareness about jobs and reaching potential candidates," says Szentkiralyi. "Young people in particular are targeted through social media campaigns."

Artificial intelligence supports the recruiting process

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to support the recruiting process. Companies are turning to AI-powered tools to analyze applications and find suitable candidates*. "AI can be a very good complement to speed up and simplify the selection process," says Szentkiralyi. "However, it is important to keep the human component and consider AI as a support, not a replacement."

Diversity and inclusion become more important

More and more companies are emphasizing diversity and inclusion in the work environment. "Companies that are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce have a competitive advantage," says Szentkiralyi. "It's important for companies to actively seek a diverse workforce and ensure that all employees* have the same opportunities."

The year 2023 will bring some changes in the field of recruiting. Companies will have to adapt to more selective candidates and focus on social media as a recruiting channel. Artificial intelligence will support the recruiting process, but the human component should not be neglected. Finally, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. "Companies that recognize and implement these trends early on will be able to compete successfully in the market in the long term," says Szentkiralyi.

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