In recent weeks, it has been regularly reported that in the current crisis, the number of job advertisements is massively decreasing and significantly fewer personnel are being sought. At the same time, unemployment figures are rising and more people are looking for jobs. As an active sourcing company, we have many conversations with entrepreneurs and employees. During these exchanges, we notice that these figures and trends apply to individual industries, but that contrary developments are taking place in other areas. In general, the dynamics of the labor market are visible and where there is movement, there are always opportunities.



Wait and see due to uncertainty

Due to the uncertain situation, many companies are waiting to advertise vacancies. They are recruiting where the search for new employees is already advanced, but are reluctant to start new recruitment processes. As soon as they can reasonably assess the impact of the Corona crisis on their business, they want to resume recruiting.

Taking advantage of the current opportunities in the labor market

From our point of view, the current situation can be an opportunity for many companies in terms of staffing. The crisis leads employees to analyze their own working environment. They are asking themselves questions about their employer's behavior during the crisis and how things will continue afterwards. Issues such as job security, the meaningfulness of one's own job and the possibility of flexible working come into focus. They also rethink their own values and the balance between work and family. The analysis of the environment often leads to the step to a personnel consultant. In a discreet and neutral environment, discussions about the possible professional future can be held without directly outing oneself as a job seeker or job applicant.

Openness in times of change

In our current search assignments, we are finding that employees are open to changing jobs. In the course of direct approaches, potential candidates are very open. We meet many of them in the Home Office and the first conversations are very relaxed. This setting means that the success rate of our telephone calls is significantly increased.

Job placements are currently interpreted as a strength of the employer active sourcing

When employers are currently actively filling positions, this is associated with economic strength and security on the part of potential candidates. For this reason, we are convinced that this is a good time to fill positions and that companies that wait too long are missing out on an interesting opportunity.

We as indivHR support you in the search for suitable candidates and fill your candidate pipeline.

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