As the summer of 2023 draws to a close, successful companies are already planning ahead to attract the best talent to their open positions for hiring in 2024. But why is it so critical to start the recruitment process early? In this blog article, we highlight the reasons and challenges companies face in recruiting. In doing so, we draw on the expertise of Ilka Szentkiralyi, founder of indivHR. In addition, we will introduce real-life practical examples from the IT world to illustrate the relevance of this topic.

Settings in 2024

1. the fight for the best talent

"The talent landscape today is extremely competitive. Demand for highly qualified professionals far exceeds supply," Ilka Szentkiralyi emphasizes. Companies that start looking for candidates late expose themselves to the risk that their desired candidates have already been contracted elsewhere. A timely start is therefore crucial in order to keep up with the pool of top talent.

2. time-intensive recruitment process

Another aspect to consider is the duration of the recruitment process. Several weeks or months often pass from the creation of the job advertisement to the final hiring. "The lead time for identifying, approaching and selecting suitable candidates cannot be underestimated," says Ilka Szentkiralyi. By starting the process early, companies increase their chances of getting the skilled workers they need on board in time.

3. employee retention and onboarding

A long-term recruiting approach enables companies to better understand candidate needs and optimize the onboarding experience. "Targeting the interests and desires of candidates contributes to long-term employee retention," explains the indivHR expert. Efficient integration of new employees promotes motivation and increases productivity in the company.

Practical example 1: A leading IT company

A leading company in the IT industry wants to expand its development department in 2024. As competition in this industry is particularly intense, the HR department decides to recruit the new specialists as early as summer 2023. Through early job postings and active direct approaches, they are able to attract a large number of talented developers and engineers who would otherwise already have been contracted elsewhere.

Practical example 2: Start-up in the tech sector

An emerging start-up in the tech sector has big plans for 2024. The company is planning to launch new products and services and needs a specialized team to do so. Early on, the start-up recognizes the need to find suitable employees who bring both technical know-how and entrepreneurial spirit. By starting on time in 2023, they will succeed in attracting a group of visionary professionals who will contribute significantly to the company's success.

Considering the competitive talent landscape and the time-consuming recruitment process, companies should not hesitate any longer. Start your search for the best candidates for your hires in 2024 now! indivHR is at your side with their long-standing expertise and a customized approach to attract the right talent for your company. Book your free initial consultation now and secure yourself an edge in the competition for the best minds!