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Many companies no longer have the budget to hire recruiters and pay up to 30% of annual salary in placement fees. We have specifically designed our technologies and methodologies to help you Cost-effective and goal-oriented to support.

Direct approach of candidates Approach of candidates

  • You do not have active sourcing specialists in your company who can carry out the research? We would be happy to take over the identification and direct approach of potential candidates for you.
  • Your recruiting team has no free capacity to take on time-consuming searches? No problem, we can also support you temporarily in filling your positions.
  • You have identified candidates but cannot approach them? Our specially trained team will approach candidates for you and also inquire about their willingness to switch. If desired, we can also conduct telephone interviews and inquire about the general conditions for a change. ┬á
Active sourcing

We have divided Direct Search into modules, which you can combine or book individually, depending on your wishes and needs:


Do I have to book all modules?2021-05-30T10:39:33+02:00

No. You only book the module or modules you want. We are also happy to advise you on which modules are best for you and your situation.

How much do the individual modules cost?2021-04-16T14:56:12+02:00

Considerably less than if you hire a personnel consultancy. We will be happy to send you our fee overview upon request. Just contact us here.

I have applications but don't have time to phone through all of them. Can indivHR do a first phone interview?2021-04-16T14:45:28+02:00

Of course! Our trained team will be happy to conduct the initial interviews with your candidates. Based on the detailed briefing on your vacancy, we conduct an in-depth telephone interview and also inquire about the general conditions of the candidates. You will receive a summary of the interview, as well as salary details and availability.


I have unfortunately lost my final candidate and am now looking for similar candidates. Can indivHR help me there?2021-04-16T14:39:06+02:00

That is what we are here for. We discuss your requirements in a detailed briefing and look through the profile of the candidate you unfortunately lost together with you. On this basis, we provide you with a list of candidates with their contact details (Module 2). You decide whether you want to contact them yourself or if you want us to do it for you (module 3).

I would like to be addressed specifically at a company. Is that possible?2021-04-16T14:35:59+02:00

Of course! You can also name specific companies for us to "poach" for you. We create a list of candidates based on the briefing for your vacancy (module 2) and professionally approach the candidates for you (module 3).

Can indivHR also address "secretly", i.e. without mentioning our company name?2021-04-16T14:33:22+02:00

Of course! We paraphrase your job and your company without telling the candidates the company name. However, we need more background information about your company in order to be able to present your company as an attractive employer even without the company name.

I have a list of candidates, can indivHR approach them for me?2021-04-16T14:28:16+02:00

Of course! After a telephone briefing on your vacancy, we will be happy to professionally approach your candidates to find out whether they would be open to having an interview with you. We regularly receive predefined lists of candidates from our clients for the direct approach. For this we recommend module 3.

Can I address the candidates in the candidate list myself?2021-04-16T14:25:40+02:00

You can approach the candidates yourself, or if you wish, our specially trained team can do it for you. Just as you like.

Can I book only one module?2021-04-16T14:13:23+02:00

Of course! That is exactly why we have broken down the recruiting process into modules. Why should you pay for the entire recruiting process if you only want to use a part or certain parts of it as a service.


  • Positive effects for your talent pool by building a talent pipeline

  • Additional flexible capacities for your recruiting

  • Increased process speed - reduce "time-to-hire" for your recruiting efforts

  • Cost savings for licenses and job advertisements - reduce "cost-per-hire

  • Significantly increased number of suitable candidates

  • Professional and discreet approach of candidates by specialists

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