The importance of the candidate experience for employer branding and recruiting should not be underestimated. Positive candidate experiences have a positive influence on the employer image and increase the success rate of recruitment. Negative experiences, on the other hand, can damage the image and reduce the recruitment rate.

Candidate experience for employer branding

What is the candidate experience?

The candidate experience encompasses all interactions between an applicant and a company, from initial contact to recruitment, including the application process and all communication. It has a significant influence on how a company is perceived as an employer. Positive experiences increase the willingness of applicants to apply again or recommend the company to others. Negative reviews on job portals can put off potential applicants - and in the long term!

Okay, and what about the Candidate Journey?

The candidate journey, i.e. the entire application process, should be optimised to ensure a positive candidate experience. It comprises six phases: Job advertisement, application phase, communication during the application process, interview, feedback after the application process and onboarding. In other words, the candidate's experience during the application process. Each phase offers the opportunity to provide candidates with a positive experience and strengthen the employer brand.

The most important aspects include a clear and precise job advertisement, a user-friendly application phase, fast and personalised communication during the application process, a welcoming atmosphere during the interview and constructive feedback after the application process. After successful recruitment, effective onboarding is essential to retain new employees in the long term.

To optimise the candidate journey, it is important to collect regular feedback and continuously improve the processes. A positive candidate experience not only boosts employer branding, but also recruiting success.

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