Frequently asked questions

What happens if the delivery guarantee has been honoured but we need more candidates for the position?2024-04-11T12:14:47+02:00

Your indivHR contact will be happy to offer you an attractive option to extend your search.

What does the delivery guarantee mean?2024-04-11T12:13:00+02:00

We guarantee a minimum number of at least two candidates matching the search profile; on average we provide 3 to 7 profiles (however, there is no upper limit). If the delivery guarantee is not met, we will continue the search until the agreed number is reached or continue the search for another of your positions.

How can we test the performance of indivHR?2024-02-15T10:47:18+01:00

We offer a trial period. There is no monthly fee during the test phase. This test phase is suitable for starting with one job profile and getting to know us and how we work. Our placement fee during the test phase is 20% of the annual target salary of the candidate placed. We charge 50% when the employment contract is signed and 50% at the end of the probation period (6 months).

In which countries does indivHR operate?2024-02-15T10:42:53+01:00

Our focus is on German-speaking countries. We also have customers for whom we search throughout Europe. We are also happy to take on assignments in non-German-speaking countries.

When does the job briefing take place?2024-02-15T10:40:05+01:00

We will arrange a briefing with you as soon as we start working together.

When can I expect to receive the first candidate profiles?2024-02-15T10:27:29+01:00

We get to work immediately after the briefing on the job profiles. We usually present the first candidates within 14 days.

How does active sourcing reduce our recruiting costs?2024-02-15T10:38:01+01:00

Conventional recruitment consultancies charge up to 30% of the annual target salary of the placed candidate as a placement fee. With our active sourcing packages, you can significantly reduce your recruiting costs, as your cost-per-hire decreases with every hire. With a conventional recruitment consultancy, your costs would be significantly higher.

What documents will I receive about the candidates?2024-02-15T08:11:54+01:00

We will provide you with the current CV and the summary of our initial interview, including salary details and availability of the candidate.

How does the job briefing work?2024-02-15T08:09:29+01:00

We set up a call with you in which we discuss the search profiles in a structured manner. We will provide you with a checklist of questions to help you prepare. You do not have to complete the checklist and send it to us in advance. It is more of a guide so that you can prepare in a targeted manner.

How many profiles can I expect?2024-04-11T12:18:39+02:00

There is no cap on the number of candidates presented. In our experience, we present you with an average of 3-7 profiles, depending on the level of seniority and the difficulty of the search. This gives you a candidate pipeline that you can work with continuously.

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