Welcome to our comprehensive article on Candidate Experience, designed to help organisations like yours improve the candidate experience during the recruitment process. A positive candidate experience is crucial to attracting and retaining talented applicants. In this article, you will learn how to optimise this process. Learn how to improve your candidate experience.

Optimisation of job advertisements

Let's start with the job advertisements. These are often the first point of contact between your company and potential candidates and should arouse the interest of potential applicants. They are effectively your figurehead.

Clear and appealing descriptions

  • Targeted: Ensure that each advert is clear, concise and targeted to the audience. Avoid jargon that is not understood outside your industry or company.
  • Company culture: Give an insight into your company culture. This helps candidates to get an idea of what it is like to be part of your team. List the most important additional benefits and the extent of home office or travelling if applicable.
  • Of course, you are looking for the "wunderwuzzi" who can do everything. However, limit your list of desired skills to a maximum of 3-5 points.

Transparent application process

A transparent application process is the key to improving the candidate experience. If you were the candidate, you would always want to know where you stand, wouldn't you?

Clear communication of the steps

Set expectations: Inform candidates about the various stages of the application process from the outset. This reduces uncertainty and shows that you value their time.

Expectation management

Realistic timelines: Provide realistic timelines for each step. This shows that your company is organised and respectful of applicants. Important: stick to the deadlines you have given candidates. If a decision does take longer, give candidates a brief interim message that you need to ask for a little more patience.

Fast and personalised communication

Communication during the application process plays a central role in the candidate experience. It can decide whether you win candidates for your company or not! After all, you want to improve your candidate experience.

  • Shorten response times
  • Quick feedback: Quick responses show candidates that you take their interest seriously and value their time.
  • Automated confirmations: Use of automated confirmations for applications received to ensure immediate feedback.
  • Personalised approach and feedback
  • Personalised communication: A personal approach in emails and during interviews makes the process more human.
  • Constructive feedback: Give constructive feedback to rejected candidates to help them for their future.

Integration of technology

Technology can significantly improve and simplify the application process.

Online application processes

  • User-friendly platforms: Make sure your online application platform is user-friendly and accessible. An application should not take longer than 2-3 minutes, otherwise you may lose suitable candidates during the application itself.
  • Mobile optimisation: Take the growing use of mobile devices into account when designing your application platform. Over 80% of potential applicants see your advert on their mobile phone. So it would be ideal if they could apply for a job right from their mobile phones with just a few clicks, wouldn't it?

Automation for efficiency

  1. Tracking systems: Use applicant tracking systems to simplify the process and keep a better overview.
  2. Communication automation: Automate standard communications to ensure efficiency and consistency.

Interview process

The interview process is a crucial moment in the candidate experience.

Preparation of the candidates

  • Informative materials: Provide candidates with all the necessary information before the interview. Perhaps you have a brochure that presents you as an employer? Send this to the candidates in advance.
  • Clear instructions: Give clear instructions regarding the location, time and format of the interview.
  • Friendly environment: Create a pleasant and open atmosphere during the interview, whether it is conducted online or in person.
  • Respectful behaviour: Make sure that all interviewers act professionally and respectfully.

Feedback and follow-up / enhancing the candidate experience

One of the most important aspects of the candidate experience is feedback and follow-up, regardless of whether a candidate has been selected for a position or not.

Appreciative feedback

  • Importance of feedback: Feedback is not only important for the personal development of candidates, but also shows that your company endeavours to treat all applicants professionally and respectfully.
  • Constructive and specific: Make sure that the feedback is constructive and specific. Avoid general statements and focus on what was good and where improvements can be made.
  • Possibilities for future opportunities
  • Talent pools: Consider keeping strong candidates who didn't make it to the final round in a talent pool. Inform them about future positions that could fit their profile.
  • Build a network: Encourage candidates to stay in touch by inviting them to follow your company on social media or sign up for the newsletter.


To summarise, improving the candidate experience is a key factor in a company's success and reputation. By implementing the above steps, companies can not only attract talented employees, but also build a positive image on the labour market.

Key aspects for an improved candidate experience:

  • Optimised job advertisements: Clear and appealing job descriptions that provide insights into the company culture.
  • Transparent application process: Clear communication about the various phases and realistic timelines.
  • Fast and personal communication: short response times and a personalised approach.
  • Use of technology: Utilisation of online platforms and automation to increase efficiency and user-friendliness.
  • Respectful interview process: Good preparation of the candidates and creation of a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Appreciative feedback and follow-up: Constructive feedback and ways to maintain contact.
  • importance for the company's success:
  • Talent acquisition: A positive candidate experience attracts qualified applicants and promotes loyalty to the company.
  • Company reputation: Respectful and professional treatment of all candidates strengthens employer branding.
  • Long-term success: An improved candidate experience contributes to a stronger corporate culture and higher employee satisfaction.