If you are filling a position for which you cannot expect many applicants, it is important to make the application process as simple as possible.

Especially if you are not so well-known as an employer and you have to compete with very attractive companies when filling vacancies, you are well advised to make the application process as easy as possible. Consider in advance which recruitment channels you want to use and the best way to reach the desired candidates.

"Excessive effort can deter interesting candidates from applying"

Keep an eye on the associated effort for applicants at this stage. Confusing and cumbersome searches on your website, time-consuming online application forms or login processes are absolute no-gos! Not only an attractively worded job advert, but also information on contact persons and superiors are appealing and have a motivating effect on potential candidates. The subsequent candidate relationship management then plays a very important role in the subsequent recruitment process. Immediate feedback when applicants have questions helps to strengthen the candidate experience. For the future, also check tools such as an import function for CVs from Xing and LinkedIn or the integration of chatbots to answer standardised questions.

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