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What does our
Active sourcing flat rate?

Active Sourcing Specialist

One person from our experienced active sourcing team works exclusively on your vacancies. This ensures that your candidate pipeline is continuously filled with suitable and interested candidates and that you can speed up your recruitment. You can look forward to the first candidates within 14 days after the job briefing.

Licences and databases

All software licences required for the search and direct approach are of course included into the price. Our active sourcing experts have specialised recruiter access to various (AI) tools and databases. Worth approx. EUR 1.800 / month / active sourcer.

Job adverts

To complement our active sourcing activities, we create and place job adverts on various job portals (LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and Jobs on Google) and show them to qualified talent. The job adverts are of course free of charge for you.


We promise you that we will never introduce other companies to candidates we have approached for you while they are in the recruiting process with you. This makes us different from many other recruitment agencies!

Pre-selection and introduction of suitable candidates

Our aim is to fill your vacancies quickly. Therefore we will continuously present you suitable candidates: we will send you their current Curriculum vitae and the summary of the first interview. Of course, we also obtain the candidates' terms of change for you, such as salary data and availability.

Our active sourcing flat rate

Active Sourcing Package
from € 3,990

  • 1 Search profile

  • At least 5 suitable candidates who are ready for a change are presented

  • Dauer: ca. 4-6 Wochen

  • Direct approach and telephone pre-qualification of candidates

  • Presentation of the candidates incl. summary of the interview and transfer conditions

  • No risk thanks to delivery guarantee*

  • Fixed price even for multiple placements, no agency fee for recruitment

Test without risk

  • Purely on a performance basis

  • At least 5 suitable candidates who are ready for a change are presented
  • You can hire as many candidates as you like

  • Placement fee is 20% of the annual target salary of the placed candidate
  • 50% payable upon signing the employment contract, 50% payable 6 months after the start date of the placed candidate

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