The image of a company is demonstrably influenced by the contact experiences of a candidate during the application process. It is therefore a strategic corporate decision to continuously scrutinize and optimize the candidate experience.

How candidates rate their application experience

If you want to have good employees, you need a fast, transparent application process. But applicants often feel badly treated. The points at which German companies need to improve their dealings with candidates in order to find suitable, committed and talented employees is a real challenge for many companies today.


This makes it all the more important for companies looking for personnel not to scare off the desired candidates during the application process - because they prepare interviews poorly or leave candidates hanging in the air for a long time. The employer rating platform kununu has now evaluated the so-called candidate experience: How satisfied are applicants with their application experience at German companies? Applicants were asked to rate the individual steps in the application process on a scale of one (very poor) to five (very good).

What is Candidate Experience?


The candidate experience is the experience that a candidate gains during an application process. This begins with the job search and continues through the application process to the interviews and the onboarding phase. The term is derived from customer experience, which deals with customer satisfaction and retention. This way of thinking is applied to candidates in order to create a positive corporate image not only for customers but also for candidates.

The 6 phases of the Candidate Experience


Applicants do not only experience a strong employer brand at the job interview, when the HR department puts the company in the right light, but much earlier. Candidate experience models divide this experience phase into six sections.

Application process: Why applicants drop out

It's no secret that candidates are dropping out of the application process these days. Depending on your company, you either don't know how many candidates drop out or you already have accurate statistics about it. Regardless of which of the two is true, you don't have to put up with it, but should investigate the cause.


To do this, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. WHO are the candidates who drop out?
  2. WHY are these candidates jumping ship?
  3. WHAT can you do to prevent candidates from dropping out during the application process?

What to do when good candidates drop out?

If your ideal candidate backs out shortly before signing the contract, you shouldn't give up right away. With these 6 tips, you have the chance to change his mind after all.


An applicant who drops out shortly before signing the contract - this is incredibly frustrating for entrepreneurs who are looking for new employees. Not only because they have already imagined how well the applicant would fit into their own company. But also because weeks, if not months, can pass after the rejection of the desired candidate until a new favorite is identified - and this candidate may also turn down the company again.


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