You have the job - indivHR finds your candidates!


For over 15 years now, Ilka Szentkiralyi has been extremely successful in finding the right personnel for the right job. She spent ten of those years at one of the largest global IT companies - SAP. Her relevant strength lies in recognizing potential and placing candidates in the right position. No one knows the market better than she does. That's why she left her former job at SAP and traded it in for the CEO chair of her own company. indivHR exchanged. The purpose of the company is the brokerage of ITPlacement of IT specialistsSpecialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in permanent positions. At discover the difference between simple recruitment and customized candidate selection by Ilka Szentkiralyi and her growing team. The right personnel for your company are recruited by the experts of indivHR from a range that extends from graduates to top managers.


When is the best time to work? When we're doing what gives us the most joy and fulfillment and what we're really good at. That's what Ilka Szentkiralyi thought, and after ten years of international recruiting at SAP, she founded her own company. indivHR. From now on, she indulges in her favorite pastime: proactively inspiring people for companies and tasks. To do this, she uses the vivid comparison of playing jigsaw puzzles: "I view the IT market like a jigsaw puzzle and the personnel like the individual pieces of the puzzle. Through my experience, I know exactly where to find which subject images and how to win the puzzle piece - the potential employee for your company."

And not only that: it also builds the candidate pipeline at the same time, so vacant positions can be filled more quickly.


Quality before quantity - a much-used statement that actually applies here

The boss herself is the first contact person for companies. Due to her many years of experience in the IT sector, Ms. Szentkiralyi can best grasp the wishes and requirements of both customers and candidates. Based on this, the experts at indivHR the appropriate search strategy that leads to recruiting success. A team of researchers ensures to put the perfect candidate in the pipeline for the respective company or to match candidates with the suitable employer. One hundred percent confidentiality and the reliability of a partner who knows how the market works, guarantee a serious and quick transaction, pleasure in joining the company and ultimately the increasing success of a company or an employee.


The indivHR offers best Sourcing as a service for the placement of ITspecialists: On behalf of well-known companies, the team of experts approaches suitable candidates and identifies matching profiles on relevant platforms, wins candidates for the client, ensures the necessary pre-qualification and brings them into the recruiting process. The difference to classic headhunting lies primarily in the much more individual, customized support. The necessary candidate pipeline is filled over an appropriate period of time, thus achieving a high level of security, quality and speed. In this way, the client's in-house recruiters have the opportunity to focus on the Recruiting processes and support the hiring managers, while continuously providing them with pre-selected candidates. This achieves greater speed in the recruitment process and, at the same time, better Candidate Experience. From the first contact to the interview, the candidate feels like a valued part of a well-organized process. In the same way, the client can rely on the efficiency of this process and entrust the pre-selection to the experienced hands of the indivHR team lay

Active sourcing in the placement of IT specialists

The special feature of this method of recruiting is the constant supply for the client by means of the candidate pipeline. In this way, the client is supplied with potential employees even if the client has not found any suitable candidates in his own efforts. A constant influx of potential new employees takes away the Taking the load off recruiters' shoulders, to be able to react to personnel changes in the company at any time. This guarantees success in the placement of IT specialists.