En old proverb says that the way you start the day is the way it goes. Now you can think of proverbs what you want. But there is a lot of wisdom in this one. Which means that if you start your day on time and with a plan in mind, you will be productive. So you already know what needs to be done that day and you can manage your time. And this is money. If the desk is then also tidy, you can get straight to work and don't have to struggle with the annoying tidying up first.

The right workplace - working from home

One person is most productive when working at a desk. Another works most effectively on a couch, and the third when he has other people around him. As individual as people are, everyone has their own place where they perform best. home office workplace

Morning person or night owl?

Not everyone is an early riser. Just like not everyone is able to work in the evening. Knowing yourself and what type of person you are helps you determine the best time to do your job. It doesn't matter what the so-called rest of humanity thinks about it. For example, you belong to those who work best at 3 o'clock in the morning? That's fine, too. The main thing is to get your tasks done in the given time and as well as possible.

The loneliness of the home office

If someone is new to working from home, they may struggle with loneliness. If one was possibly used to having people around all the time, there may be a lack of motivation. Combat this and focus on work. Besides, feeling lonely can only happen when you have too little to do. Find a new routine by getting out of the house in the evening, for example, go for a walk with friends or play sports.


Don't let them get distracted by other "important" things, like your chat notifications or Facebook account. Just turn them off. Those two can wait. You wanted to work from home and have your peace of mind while doing so? Good, then don't let any "urgent" messages prevent you from doing so.

Routine helps

Set a routine and follow it as closely as possible. For example, if you're one of those who takes a little longer to get going in the morning, it pays to get routine work done before the actual productive work. Such as reading the emails that have come in. After that, one can get down to the real work. This routine helps one get going and gives one a sense of security. You know exactly what you have to do and when. When you can then check off one item after another, endorphins are released in the brain due to the sense of achievement. Which in turn increases motivation.