Everyday life has been turned upside down in recent weeks and many companies have switched to home offices. This new situation has an impact on all departments, including recruiting. The communication behavior with candidates is also strongly influenced by this. Video conferencing, i.e. virtual job interviews, are already part of the daily routine and are becoming increasingly popular as a way of getting to know candidates better.

But which tools are recommendable and what do you have to pay attention to in order to conduct job interviews via video without any problems? And how can you create a pleasant atmosphere for your applicants despite the video interview? We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for you. Because challenging times need creative measures so that you can also find the best talents for your company now.

Face-to-face vs. video conferencing

Face-to-face interviews are, of course, a way for you to get a first impression of candidates and learn more about their qualifications and skills. On site, you can, for example, give candidates a brief tour of the office, offer them a coffee or water and talk about their journey before you start the actual interview.

But how do you proceed if a face-to-face meeting is simply not possible for a variety of reasons and you therefore have to switch to video conferencing? This face-to-face conversation of a different kind may seem a bit daunting at first, but it comes with some compelling advantages.

Advantages of video interviews

  • Cross-country talksWhether you are home office bound or not, video conferencing allows you to meet with candidates from all over the world. This way, you don't have to miss out on promising candidates if they can't come in for a face-to-face interview, for example.
  • Easy appointmentSince applicants do not have to come to your office for a first meeting, finding an appointment is often easier and faster.
  • Familiar environmentCandidates often have to deal with nervousness before a job interview. Video interviews have the advantage that candidates are usually in a familiar environment, which has a calming effect on them.

Possible providers for video conferencing

Have you already searched Google for video interview providers? Then you know that there are a variety of different tools with different features and pricing models. Let yourself be inspired by the following providers, with whom we also work and communicate successfully.

  • SkypeSkype is a classic among online video and voice call providers, and it's really coming back to life, including here! Through this application you can chat for free, share your desktop, transfer files and make video and voice calls. Navigation is also very simple and user-friendly. If you want to conduct job interviews via Skype, both your company and the candidates should have a Microsoft or Skype account.
  • WherebyWhereby is another software that is ideal for job interviews. This provider has the advantage that neither you nor applicants need to create a profile. Simply set up virtual meeting rooms and invite up to four participants for free to talk together and get to know each other.
  • ZoomZoom is another provider that is currently very popular and well suited for video conferencing. Similar to Whereby, you simply send candidates a link to a meeting you have created and an associated ID, and they can join the conversation at the specified time without having to register or create a profile. One-on-one conversations are free and unlimited in time on Zoom. However, if you want to talk in a group of three or more participants, then free meetings are limited to 40 minutes. Thus, if you want to conduct interviews in larger groups, you should seek a paid license. This will ensure that your connection is not cut off in the middle of an interview.

Of course, there are also many other options, such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Cisco or Signal, through which you can hold your video conferences. Therefore, do enough research and make sure when choosing a tool that it actually meets your expectations and requirements.


10 steps to a successful job interview via video conferencing

Even though video conferencing has some convincing advantages, good preparation is the be-all and end-all. Many candidates often feel uncomfortable in front of a camera in spite of their familiar surroundings, which is why you as a recruiter are particularly important in this situation. Therefore, make sure that the interview feels as natural and normal as possible and prepare yourself sufficiently for it:

1. provider comparison

Before you even invite promising candidates to an online meeting, you should familiarize yourself with the different options and providers. Since there are many different systems for video conferencing, our examples should serve as inspiration.

2. send individual invitations

You have already selected promising candidates whom you want to meet in person? Have you also decided on the software that will be used for the interview? Then you can send an individual invitation to the video conference in the next step. Use this opportunity to give candidates tips on technical equipment, Internet connection and provide them with further information on the software. For example, if they need to create a profile in order to conduct the interview with you, you should communicate this in advance.

3. stable internet connection

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection on both the applicant's and the recruiter's side. This will ensure that you do not have to deal with technical problems at the beginning of the interview.

4. right equipment

In addition to a good Internet connection, however, you should also check your technical equipment. Many tools offer you the possibility to test and adjust your microphone and headphones or speakers in advance.

5. suitable setting

Disturbing noises or a too busy background are not good conditions for talking to potential employees. That's why both sides should ensure a quiet environment, good lighting and comfortable seating - after all, job interviews can often last longer than expected.

6. plan B

Also be prepared for unforeseen difficulties. Because even if you have tested your Internet connection in advance and the technology also seems to work without any problems, problems can always occur during the actual conversation. If the connection drops or falters and a smooth conversation is not possible, you should already have a plan B ready. In an emergency, switch to an ordinary phone call, for example, and continue your job interview that way.

7. show professionalism

Regardless of whether the interview takes place online or offline - as a recruiter you should take enough time to prepare. Read through the documents on the respective applicants and convince them with a professional appearance.

8. punctuality

As with a face-to-face meeting, punctuality plays a crucial role in convincing candidates of your company. Therefore, also during video interviews, make sure that you do not keep applicants waiting and, if possible, that you are online before them. This allows you to welcome them personally and guide them through the interview.

9. create pleasant atmosphere

Since the beginning of an online interview can be especially difficult, it is your task as a recruiter to create a pleasant atmosphere. Ask general questions at the beginning or talk about your personal experiences in the home office. This will quickly ease candidates' fears and lighten the mood.. Also describe how the interview will proceed in order to avoid ambiguities in advance and then start the dialogue with the applicants.

10. welcome new employees

The video conferencing is over and not only are you convinced by the applicants, but they have also taken a liking to your company? Then the video interview was a complete success and you will soon be able to welcome new employees to your company!

In addition to video conferencing, there are other ways to get in touch with promising candidates in the home office.


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