With our active sourcing services for companies, HR managers and HR recruiters, we close the gap in IT recruiting between ad searches and IT headhunters.

Do you have at least 3-4 different roles that you want to fill multiple times?

Your solution: Active Sourcing as a Service

As an active sourcing provider, we provide you with an active sourcing specialist on request, who takes over the entire research process for you. Our active sourcing expert works hand in hand with your recruiting team and continuously provides them with pre-qualified candidates. We not only check the professional and personal fit of the candidates, but also their motivation and willingness to start with you. This way you can take care of strategic issues and we continuously fill your candidate pipeline. Save recruiting costs and reduce IT headhunter costs with Active Sourcing.

What distinguishes Active Sourcing from the traditional approach?

We have a ground-up approach to recruiting with Active Sourcing, combining cutting-edge technology with our expert knowledge to provide you with a smarter hiring process - at a fraction of the traditional cost via IT headhunters.

Over a defined period of time, you will receive pre-selected profiles (resumes and summary of initial interviews) that you can include in your application process.

Active sourcing


What does Active Sourcing cost you?

Much less than if you hire classically through a traditional IT staffing agency.
Headhunters typically charge up to 30% of the placed candidate's annual salary.
Active sourcing significantly reduces your recruiting costs.
active sourcing provider


  • Positive effects for your talent pool by building a talent pipeline

  • Additional flexible capacities for your recruiting

  • Increased process speed - reduce "time-to-hire" for your recruiting efforts

  • Cost savings for licenses and job advertisements - reduce "cost-per-hire

  • Significantly increased number of suitable candidates

  • Professional and discreet approach of candidates by specialists



Your recruiting partner for IT positions

  • Is your recruiting understaffed or already at capacity?
  • You don't have a researcher in your company who can identify suitable candidates and approach them for you?
  • You don't have the budget for expensive personnel consultants?

No problem, we are here for you!

Get in touch with indivHR, the headhunter for IT, now and learn more about our customer-centric approach. We look forward to new challenges and are always at your disposal with our know-how. Arrange a short phone call with Ilka Szentkiralyi today or call us directly. We look forward to supporting you!

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