Efficient Recruiting of IT Specialists in the Age of ServiceNow: Expertise, Trends and Practical Examples

Today's business world is dominated by technology and innovation, and no sector is more so than information technology. Companies are struggling [...]


Strategic Recruiting for Cloud Architects: Effective methods for attracting top talent

In the era of digitalization and cloud technology, the IT world is facing unstoppable change. Cloud technologies have changed the way companies manage their IT infrastructure [...].


Innovative strategies for attracting top software developers in today's competitive environment

Finding qualified software developers has become one of the most demanding challenges in today's business world. At a time when digital transformation is [...]


Interview with Ilka Zeiner-Szentkiralyi, founder of indivHR: The demand for IT talent over time

Ilka Zeiner-Szentkiralyi, founder of indivHR, talks about current trends in IT recruiting, the demand for IT talent and the most sought-after jobs in the industry. [...]


Effective collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers to identify critical skills for open IT positions

In the dynamic IT industry, identifying the right talent with the right skills for open positions is crucial. A successful [...]


Successful recruiting through innovative interview techniques: The keys to optimal employee selection

In today's dynamic business environment, the selection of qualified employees is critical to a company's success. Traditional interview techniques are often not enough [...]

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