Conducting face-to-face interviews is a tried and tested method in IT recruiting to fill your vacancies. This has been done for many years and many employers don't seem to realise that there is another way. It's time for the recruiting hackathon to become a widely used method for attracting new employees in IT recruiting. Here are a few good reasons why.

Hackathons are 24 to 48-hour events where programmers, data scientists, IT designers, basically IT professionals, gather to solve problems set by the organisers of the competition. The competitions aim to find solutions to the problems set. The participants compete for the prize, which can come in the form of money, gadgets or even job offers. Why exactly should your company recruit at hackathons?

Observe participants at work

Whilst face-to-face interviews provide a very valuable assessment of the soft skills of potential employees, there are various other ways of correctly assessing their skills required for the job. This is where hackathons play an increasingly important role. Observing participants during hackathons will reveal more about their attitude to work than any interview ever can. Those who stand out from the crowd through calmness, ingenuity and focus should be considered as potential candidates for your IT recruitment.

No stress, no problems

A face-to-face interview is the key element of traditional job interviews. Nothing has changed in this respect. However, a major disadvantage of interviews is that they can cause a great deal of stress, especially for younger applicants. Whilst dealing with stress is a valuable skill, it is sometimes unpredictable and can therefore reduce the chances of getting a job. IT recruiting via hackathons offers the opportunity to speak to candidates in a different environment. This allows for more direct, relaxed conversations that help participants present themselves better as future employees.

Fewer applications, but more valuable interviews for your IT recruiting

Your company is large, well-known and well respected on the labour market. You are looking for the best of the best to join your successful organisation's team. There are numerous people sending in their CVs and inevitably some of them are not suitable for the position in question. This costs you time and resources from your HR department. Recruiting via hackathons offers you the advantage of only approaching the people you or your team think are suitable. This means that you can include hackathon participants with whom you can imagine working directly in your IT recruiting. You no longer have to go through dozens of CVs and interview dozens of people to find the one suitable employee.

Save time, interviews and hackathons

If you're trying to be as efficient as possible, interviewing directly at the hackathon could be the solution for you. If members of your HR department identify a potentially valuable candidate for a position in your organisation, they should immediately take the opportunity to interview the person at the hackathon. They will also get to know the candidate in a different, more relaxed environment than a traditional interview.

Find only the most dedicated

People who take part in hackathons will go the extra mile to achieve their goals. They are prepared to take on challenges that go beyond their regular responsibilities. Hackathon participants are full of ideas, ambitious and proactively take on new challenges. Taking part in such an event means that they have a passion for the subject, which is an even more positive aspect overall.

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