The importance of the employer brand in the recruiting process

In an increasingly competitive labour market, it is crucial for companies to communicate their employer brand effectively in order to attract and retain qualified talent. In this article, we look at how organisations can successfully communicate their employer brand (talent brand) to potential candidates. We explore the different communication strategies that can build and communicate a strong employer brand and highlight best practices that help organisations attract the best talent.

Defining your employer brand - What makes your company unique?

Before you can communicate your employer brand effectively, it is important to identify your unique selling points as a company. What makes your company an attractive employer? What values, culture and career opportunities do you offer that appeal to potential candidates?

Example: A software company is characterised by an innovative and team-oriented work culture. It emphasises the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the opportunity to work on exciting projects in a dynamic environment.

The power of Employer Value Proposition (EVP) - Developing a clear message

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is a concise message that gets to the heart of your employer brand and emphasises your strengths as an employer. A well-formulated EVP appeals to the right candidates and differentiates your company from the competition.

Example: "With us, you won't just find a career, but a passion for technology. We offer an inspiring working environment, diverse development opportunities and the chance to work on pioneering projects."

Use targeted channels - increase reach and visibility

The way in which your employer brand is communicated is crucial. Use targeted channels to effectively communicate your messages to the right target groups. Social media, career websites, events and employee referral programmes can be effective tools to increase the reach and visibility of your employer brand.

Example: The company regularly organises tech talks and networking events to address potential candidates and provide an insight into the corporate culture and projects.

Authenticity and employee engagement - ambassadors for your employer brand

Your employees play a crucial role as ambassadors for your employer brand. Their experiences at the company can have a strong influence on potential candidates. Make sure that your employees are involved in communicating your employer brand and share their positive experiences.

Example: The company's employees are encouraged to share their stories and experiences on the careers website and the company's social media channels to provide an authentic insight into working life.

Measurement and improvement - evaluate the success of your communication strategy

It is important to measure and continuously improve the success of your communication strategy. Analyse how well your messages are received by candidates and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Ilka Szentkiralyi, founder of indivHR:

"The employer brand is a decisive factor in the recruitment process. It's about being authentic and honestly communicating your company's strengths and opportunities. The right communication not only attracts the best talent, but also promotes long-term loyalty."

Example: The company uses regular surveys of applicants to obtain feedback on the employer brand and the application process. This information is used to make improvements and optimise the candidate experience.

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