Digitalisation has led to a sharp rise in demand for IT experts in recent years. However, recruiters face a number of challenges when it comes to finding and attracting qualified candidates. What are the challenges in IT recruiting?

Challenges in IT recruiting

Shortage of skilled labour

One of the biggest challenges in IT recruiting is the lack of qualified specialists. There are simply not enough IT professionals on the market to fill all the vacancies. As a result, companies have to compete for the best candidates and offer high salaries and bonuses to attract them.

High demands

IT experts generally have very high expectations when it comes to their workplace. They not only expect an attractive salary, but also flexible working hours, a good work-life balance and a positive working environment. Recruiters need to ensure that they can fulfil these expectations in order to attract the best candidates.

Future-proof skills

Another challenge in IT recruiting is finding candidates who have future-proof skills. As technology is constantly evolving, IT professionals need to constantly update and expand their skills to stay on the cutting edge. Recruiters need to ensure that the candidates they are recruiting have the skills needed for the future.

Technical expertise and soft skills

Another challenge is to find candidates who have both technical expertise and soft skills. It is important that IT experts are not only able to solve technical problems, but also communicate well and work well in a team. Recruiters need to check both skills in candidates to ensure they are the best possible choice for the organisation.


IT recruiting is a challenge that has intensified due to the shortage of qualified specialists, high demands from IT experts, future-proof skills and the need to consider both technical expertise and soft skills.

In order to be successful, recruiters need to Recruitment strategies and adapt them to meet the challenges. This also includes improving their approach to candidates by making them an attractive job offer that fulfils their needs and requirements.

Organisations can also improve their working environment by offering flexible working hours and a good work-life balance to attract the best candidates. They should also constantly train and develop their employees to ensure they have the future-proof skills that are essential to the success of the organisation.

To summarise, the challenges in IT recruitment represent a great opportunity to improve recruitment strategies and attract better candidates. Companies that accept and adapt to these challenges will be able to realise their full potential in the IT sector.