Active sourcing is a method that companies use to specifically and actively search for and approach potential candidates for vacancies. This is particularly important as there is a shortage of skilled labour in many industries, especially in the IT sector, and it can therefore be difficult to find qualified candidates.

Active sourcing of IT candidates

Active sourcing involves using various channels to identify and approach potential candidates. These include, for example, social networks such as LinkedIn, career networks, job boards and participation in career fairs. The use of search engines and the implementation of targeted recruiting campaigns can also be part of active sourcing. Active sourcing of IT candidates

Attractive employer

An important prerequisite for successful active sourcing is the creation of an attractive employer profile. This includes clearly presenting the company's culture, career opportunities and the benefits it offers its employees. A professional and engaging careers website and the use of social media can help to attract potential candidates.

Direct approach of candidates

Another important factor is the initial approach to candidates. Here it is important to act in a personalised and professional manner. A generic and impersonal message is unlikely to resonate. Instead, companies should focus on the candidate's achievements and experience and explain why their vacancy is a perfect match for their skills.

Overall, active sourcing is an important tool for finding qualified candidates in an environment characterised by a shortage of skilled workers. By using various channels and creating an attractive employer profile as well as a personalised and professional initial approach, companies can successfully approach potential candidates and win them over.

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