Candidate persona template - The somewhat different job advertisement

With a Candidate Persona you stand out between classic job adverts and thus receives significantly more resonance! So why not give the potential dream candidate a face? Candidate personas offer many advantages in Recruiting. How to create a Create candidate persona and thus the response to Job adverts by up to 28% is shown in this article.

candidate persona

With a Candidate Persona you present your target group at different levels of a vacancy. In doing so, you communicate via Storytelling a precise Picture of his favourite applicant and thus also demonstrates the advantages of its own range of jobs.

How do you create a candidate persona?

To find the right words for your Candidate Persona research and preparation is very important in order to actually find suitable candidates for the vacancy in the end. How to find a Create candidate persona The following approach shows how this can be done.

1. define benefits

You should think in advance about which Advantages your company has to offer the applicant. So place Benefits and also interview the employees. The benefits identified are later presented in the form of Applicant wishes and goals into the persona. In addition, it should also be ascertained what the employees want from their future colleague and which Expectations are to be fulfilled.

Possible questions for employees:

  • What do you like about your work?
  • What distinguishes your current employer from other companies?
  • How did you get the job?
  • What do you want from your new colleague?

2. research on the target group

In any case, research is the key to successful Create candidate personas to be able to. The most important thing is to know your target group. The following questions can help you with this research:

  • What expectations and wishes do candidates have of their employer?
  • What does the competition offer the candidates?
  • Which networks do suitable candidates use?
  • What negative experiences have candidates had in their careers?

3. use and emphasise results in the candidate persona

Use the knowledge you have gained to build up your Candidate personas and use Messages and appealing Keywords for the Speech potential applicants.

Candidate persona structure and template

A Candidate Persona should always be realistically and precisely defined and presented to your ideal candidate from different angles. The more precisely you work, the easier it is for suitable candidates to identify with the persona.

1. the requirements profile - personal data and qualifications

How the favoured candidate should be exactly is best summarised briefly and simply with the usual Basic information of a fictitious person. Here are details of the Qualification, Skills and the Professional career in focus. This information represents the classic requirements profile.

Create candidate persona, example 1:

Marina Mustermann, 26 years old from Berlin

Qualification: Completed training as an office clerk

Professional career: I worked in the Berlin office for 3 years and was able to gain extensive experience in customer service and management.

Skills: Common Open Office programmes, controlling, good written and spoken English skills

2. messages to the candidate - what applicants can expect

To fill a vacancy and its Advantages optimally, you should also use the Wishes and Goals of your fictitious person. An example of this - Marina Stolz would like to continue her education, which is made possible by the attractive further training opportunities offered by the job.

Who is a Create candidate persona basically should always positive messages to help the potential candidate become a Job change to animate. Use the persona to convey informative data about the vacancy and communicate all the advantages (including over the competition) with messages to attract applicants to you.

Create candidate persona, example 2:

Marina Mustermann, 26 years old from Berlin

Wishes: likes new challenges and is happy to take on responsibility, prefers flexible working hours and direct communication channels

Goals: Continuous further training

Reasons for changing jobs: Work-life balance, distance to place of work

Create candidate personas requires a certain amount of effort, but research and the right structure are demonstrably worthwhile. If you combine information with relevant messages, your personalised Speech and a fictitious candidate an innovative and interesting job description that stands out from the competition.


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