Job adverts and the careers page are the first important point of contact between you and your applicants. The decision of interested candidates to apply to your company depends on their first impression of these job adverts.

We have compiled the 9 most important tips for you that need to be considered when creating a successful job advert. With the help of this overview, you can anchor your employer brand attractively in the minds of your target group right from the start.

Job advert

1. design

Use an appealing design and key images to reach and appeal to the desired target group.

2. job title

Firstly, research the most common title of your job offer. The title should be formulated precisely in order to generate good search engine optimisation. This is the only way to reach your desired target group and be found in the search engines.

3. task description

The description of the tasks should be brief and easy to understand. Therefore: make sure to specify the areas of responsibility and the employment relationship. In addition to the location, also state the postcode and federal state.

4. requirements profile

The professional and personal requirements of the applicant must be presented clearly and concisely.

5 Company description & employer benefits

Present your company in a separate place in the advert and highlight the reasons why you are an attractive employer. The best way to do this is to look at your candidate persona.

6. application procedure

Describe the application process to the applicant and inform them of the desired file format.

7th contact person

A personal contact person with contact details should not be missing.

8. "Apply now" button

This button should be clearly visible. It should be linked to a call-to-action!

9. tools for a holistic employer presence

Use tools to visually represent the workplace, such as videos or the introduction of employees. References to your social media profiles and tips on how to apply round off your job advert.

Use these tips and improve your recruiting in the long term!

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