Even the supposedly crisis-proof IT sector is "corona-infected". IT and software projects are being postponed, re-evaluated for their value or cancelled outright. The internal or external consultants, project managers, cloud architects or other experts designated for this purpose are being cut back or deployed for operational necessities. This puts even established IT service providers or software companies under pressure, as the project pipeline threatens to dry up. Even renowned companies often react to such crisis situations by immediately stopping hiring and recruiting. But is this really the last word in wisdom? As soon as the trend picks up again - and it will by 2021 at the latest - the right employees will be the measure of all things for the economic success of IT service providers. The increasingly important digital requirements for companies are becoming more and more visible; even the pandemic has contributed to this and shown how vital digital communication and collaboration are internally and externally.

So if you want to be prepared for the recovery after the crisis with the right employees on board, then you shouldn't just jump at the first opportunity to recruit, but plan ahead. But how can this be combined with the definitely difficult framework conditions - less turnover, pressure on costs?

Ilka Szentkiralyi indivHR

Ilka Szentkiralyi / indivHR

"Hiring can understandably be stopped in times of crisis, and recruiting efforts can be reduced for fewer open positions. However, it is important to keep in touch with interesting candidates, maintain contact and remain visible as an attractive employer."

says Ilka Szentkiralyi, Managing Director of the active sourcing boutique indivHR GmbH, which has been successfully searching for and finding the right employees for renowned IT service providers in German-speaking countries for more than 15 years. She is convinced that active sourcing is this cost-efficient constant to stay in the race for the right people in the long term.

What distinguishes this approach from others? All other recruitment consultants use Linkedin and Xing to search for candidates. And why should this active sourcing be cost-saving and proactive?

It's clearly not just about using digital tools to find candidates at a favourable price, but a combination of the right sources with lots of potential candidates and the right, job-specific matching between people and companies in face-to-face meetings. "Continuously identifying suitable candidates, approaching them, picking them up, arousing interest, convincing and inspiring them in order to be able to bring a candidate into play at the right time," is how the HR expert describes her successful sourcing activities, which lead to more than 60 job placements per year. Successful companies have turned this proven "search-find-matching method" into a continuous process, even if there may be fewer or no vacancies at times. Active sourcing services by experienced experts save recruiters time, improve the candidate experience and increase hiring success with a lower cost per hire compared to selective headhunting.

After all, in a few months at the latest, everyone will be fighting for the same candidates again - having "woken up from their recruiting slumber". And we are still in an "employee market" in IT, and Corona won't change that. Most desired candidates have a notice period of at least 3 months anyway. So why wait until others snatch away an important player for your future? Active sourcing bridges times of crisis, enables agile, effective recruiting, employer branding included.

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