In the dynamic IT industry, it is crucial to identify the right talent with the right skills for open positions. Successful collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers is essential to accurately understand the requirements of IT roles and select the best candidates. In this article, we will look at the key steps for recruiters and hiring managers to work together to identify the key skills for open IT positions.

Cooperation between recruiters and hiring managers

1. the importance of a detailed requirements profile

The first step in identifying key skills is to create a detailed requirements profile for the open IT position. Close collaboration between the recruiter and hiring manager is essential to determine the technical and personal skills, qualifications and experience that the ideal candidate should have.

Ilka Szentkiralyi, the founder of indivHR, emphasises:

"A clear requirements profile is the cornerstone of successful recruitment. Communication between the recruiter and hiring manager is crucial here in order to understand the exact needs of the company."

Example from one of our customers:

A technology company was planning to launch a new software product and needed an experienced software developer. The indivHR Recruiter and the Hiring Manager worked closely together to define the requirements. It became clear that, in addition to mastery of clearly defined programming languages, knowledge of agile development and experience with similar products were crucial for candidates to be invited to interview.

2. talent sourcing and finding the right candidates

Once the requirements profile has been defined, the indivHR recruiter can begin a targeted search for suitable candidates. This can involve both actively searching for applicants and approaching potential candidates. Collaboration with the hiring manager is again important in order to focus on specific expertise and experience and to refine the search based on detailed feedback on rejected candidates.

Ilka Szentkiralyi notes:

"Recruiters and hiring managers should be in constant dialogue during the talent sourcing phase to ensure that potential candidates meet the company's requirements."

Practical example: An e-commerce company is looking for a data analyst with experience in processing large data sets. The recruiter actively searches for candidates with the relevant skills and experience in data analysis. He also identifies a talented developer who has not previously worked as a data analyst but has all the relevant technical knowledge. In close consultation with the Hiring Manager, a decision is made to invite the candidate anyway, as their potential for the position is considered promising.

3. candidate evaluation and interviews

The collaboration between recruiter and hiring manager continues in the interview process. Structured interviews with standardised questions help to assess the candidate's expertise. The hiring manager can also ask situational questions in the interviews to assess the candidate's skills in real-life scenarios.

Close collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers is crucial for identifying key skills when filling IT positions. At indivHR, we help organisations find the best talent with the right skills for their IT teams. Book an appointment today for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you identify and hire top IT professionals.