In a time of a shortage of skilled workers and increasing competition for the best talents, the importance of an employer brand is becoming more and more relevant. But what exactly is it, what goals does it pursue, and what methods are there for making it successful?

Employer brand

Definition: What is an employer brand?

An employer brand refers to the image and reputation of an employer as an employer. It concerns the perception of potential candidates and employees about the quality of the employer, the working conditions and the corporate culture. A strong employer brand can help attract and retain the best talent in the long term.

Employer brand goals

A successful employer brand has various goals. It should help to ensure that the company is perceived as an attractive employer and thus attract the best talent. A positive employer brand also helps employees to identify with the company and retain their loyalty in the long term.

Methods for a successful employer brand

There are various methods for building a successful employer brand. One significant method is to clearly define the employer value proposition (EVP). It is about what advantages the company offers as an employer and what values it represents. A well formulated EVP can help candidates identify with the company and commit to it in the long term.

Another relevant method is employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees help to ensure that the company is perceived as an attractive employer and can also act as ambassadors for the company. It is therefore very important to obtain regular feedback from employees and to respond to their needs.

Another important aspect is the employer rating. More and more candidates are finding out about the company before applying and reading employer reviews on platforms such as Glassdoor or kununu. A positive employer rating can help the company to be perceived as an attractive employer and thus attract the best talent.

Ilka Szentkiralyi, Managing Director of indivHR, emphasizes the importance of authentic communication to create a successful employer brand:

"The communication of the values an employer represents should be credible and backed up by actions. This is the only way companies can build a strong employer brand in the long term and attract the best talent."

A successful employer brand is an important factor in attracting and retaining the best talent in the long term. It is about highlighting the advantages of the company as an employer and communicating them credibly. A clear definition of EVP, high employee satisfaction and positive employer reviews are important methods to build a successful brand. It is also important to continuously adapt the employer brand to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of employees and candidates.