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Home office became the business savior in the Corona crisis. How will this change everyday working life? A study conducted by QVC under the direction of trend researcher Peter Wippermann provides an outlook on this. For this purpose, Bonsai Research surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 14 and 50 in Germany at the end of April 2020.

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Meanwhile, working from home is the new normal for entire families. (© pixabay)

Three trends from the study on working life after the pandemic

1. home office as the new norm

What was laughed at not so long ago has now become the norm for many: the home office. Working from home is now the new normal for entire families. Video conferencing defines workplaces and classes. Seventy-three percent of Gen Z wish they could continue to work from home to make better use of their time. Many workers believe they work well and efficiently with their colleagues in the home office. To make remote work a success, communication skills are more important than ever.

2. compatibility of private life and work

Between work, home study and caring for relatives, many people increasingly want to organize their time freely. As a result, employee demand for personal time will also change. Employers, on the other hand, are increasingly interested in the private time their employees spend at home. Many of them are apparently relaxed about this: 60 percent of Gen Y and one in two of Gen X would accept that their private use of time in the home office is transparent. Personal presence in the office will be a cost factor in the future if hygiene and safety distances have to be observed there. In addition to streamlining ideas, new work models will emerge that combine presence time and home office.

3. virtual conferences replace business trips

The virtual conference room is coming. Because business trips at home and abroad are increasingly becoming the exception. One in two respondents would prefer to take part in video conferences in the future rather than go on a business trip. Among Generation Y, the figure is 61 percent. Almost two-thirds of Generation Y can even imagine team meetings in virtual reality. Home Office

Source: https://computerwelt.at/news/3-trends-zu-new-work-so-veraendert-sich-unser-job-alltag/

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