You have no doubt experienced it in your day-to-day work: for most companies, 2020 was characterised by restrictions in the search for personnel. To help you get off to a flying start in the new year, we have summarised the most important recruiting trends for 2021.

#No. 1 Recruitment trend: Use of gamification in the recruitment process

By using gamification in the recruitment process, recruiters can visualise certain skills such as time management, working under pressure and innovative thinking during the recruitment process: through tasks that candidates actually have to solve on the job. These tests usually have different solution levels and built-in distractions, among other things.

A good example is something that the pizza delivery service "Domino's" has built into the recruitment process. In the game: "Create your pizza", applicants were asked to "bake" their digital pizza with various restrictions. Such a trend in the recruitment process can break the old, traditional patterns of the recruitment process - but also requires abstraction when interpreting the results.

#No. 2 Recruitment trend: Social recruitment

One of the most important recruiting trends in 2021 is the use of social media recruiting. The declared aim is to encourage potential candidates to apply via as many touchpoints as possible. Scattering losses can be greatly reduced through targeted target group selection. This approach is particularly effective because: 60 % of potential applicants are not actively looking for a new job, but are open to a career change.

These candidates are therefore not active on traditional job portals and job boards such as Indeed, Stepstone and the like, but need to be approached via the websites and apps they normally use. XING, LinkedIn, but also networks such as Facebook, Instagram or various blogs and forums Always remember this, even if you are not the most convinced Facebook user yourself: 23 million Germans use the social network every day. Another advantage that should be emphasised here is that you can greatly reduce wastage by selecting a specific target group.

More and more companies are already using social recruiting as a new channel in 2020. This phenomenon will, that much is certain, become even more prominent in 2021.

#No. 3 Recruitment trend: automation

Recruitment automation refers to a technology that enables organisations to automate typical recurring recruitment tasks and processes through the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Why? Because it increases the productivity of HR staff, speeds up recruitment time, reduces the cost per recruitment and has a positive impact on the candidate experience.

Talent acquisition teams are given an automated approach to replace the previously manual processes. In addition, software standards such as machine learning, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence are being introduced into the entire acquisition process.

#No. 4 Recruiting Trend: The Power of Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is one of the most important HR trends of 2021. Every interaction candidates have with their potential new employer, regardless of the source (e.g. screening, interview, etc.), influences their experience with the company. For you as a recruiter, this means that you need to have exceptional experiences at every source - and of course in the follow-up.

A good candidate experience encourages applicants to share their positive impressions with other potential and passive applicants, which helps the employer to build its employer brand.

#No. 5 Recruitment trend: multigenerational workforce

The year 2020 marks a new chapter in the age diversity of the labour force, driven by small demographic changes in the population. In particular, the retirement of baby boomers and the entry of Generation Z into the workforce means that organisations will see more age diversity - along with different interests and approaches - in their day-to-day operations. This trend will continue in 2021.

The Global Recruiting Trend Report also concludes that 89% of recruiters believe that a multi-generational recruitment policy makes a company more successful. In addition, 56% of organisations have recently adapted their recruitment process to appeal to all age groups.

With these recruitment trends for 2021, you can continue to lay the foundation and support the growth of your company with new employees!

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