Nowadays, IT recruiters have to be very active in order to build up a network of potential candidates. The days of passive IT recruiting, when you placed job adverts and then waited for applications, are over.

But how can you build a network? Generate future IT candidates that you can include in the recruiting process when needed? Here are some thoughts on this:

Each person knows at least 10 other people who could all become your IT candidates

  • Work with your existing pool of candidates from applications and existing contacts.
  • Ask for recommendations in your candidate network and contact recommended people.
  • Offer an incentive, a referral programme for external people to recommend candidates to you who you then hire.
  • Connect with your network offline and online. Meet them at events, invite them to company events and involve them in your online activities.

Every rejected candidate can be a source of new IT candidates

  • You have brought candidates into the application process, but in the end it wasn't enough? You introduced the person to the position and the company, but the management hired someone else? Use your good relationship with the rejected candidates and ask for further recommendations. Stay in contact with the unsuccessful candidates and involve them in your activities.
  • Rejected candidates have also invested a lot of time in the application process, like you. They can become your mouthpiece in their own networks.
  • Always give proactive and constructive feedback when it comes to a rejection. Do not simply send impersonal standard emails. This is not well received and you will most likely have lost these candidates for the future.

Utilise your options

  • Don't just place your adverts on job portals. Use special online networks and groups on social media such as LinkedIn and XING to draw attention to your vacancy. Address the right target group in dedicated groups.
  • Do you think about who your target group is? Where can your target group be found? Groups abroad, such as "IT Jobs in Germany", also offer a large number of potential interested parties.
  • Don't be shy! E-mail is nice. But totally impersonal and easy to ignore. Pick up the phone and call targeted IT candidates. Get the candidates excited about your company and the role.

Active recruiting is essential these days. This is the only way to fill your vacancies quickly. You can only do this by maintaining personal networks. Be reliable, stay in touch and you will soon see your first successes.

Our offer for you in IT recruiting

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