The coronavirus crisis is not the only reason why IT specialists are more sought-after than ever on the labour market. Specialists are urgently needed across all industries to drive forward the digitalisation process in their respective companies.

We tell you what you can do on should not do under any circumstancesif you want to be on the winning side in the battle for IT specialists.

Bombard candidates with mass mailings

Someone will bite. True to this motto, many recruiters have started to bombard every candidate who might be even remotely suitable with one and the same letter. As is so often the case in life, the rule of thumb here is "quality over quantity". A personal greeting or responding to an individual detail of the CV shows that you are not just writing randomly. In many cases, a feeling of appreciation is the key to talent.

Make the candidate feel how grateful they should be to be part of the application process

The market is always regulated by supply and demand. Candidates are not dependent on your job; with so much on offer, employers have to make an effort. Nowadays, the term "reverse recruiting" is often used in many professions - the company applies to the candidate, not the other way round.

Make the application process as complicated as possible

Uploading documents multiple times, always filling out the same form, ticking a box there and agreeing to it here. All of this makes applying for a job a tedious experience. Yet it can be so easy, many companies rely on one-click applications or completely different innovative methods. It is worth meeting the candidate with a good experience even before they join the company. Especially in the case of IT specialists, if the candidate does not really need to apply, the process is often cancelled and the company may miss out on a great employee. It is definitely worth using innovative and efficient solutions here.

Communicating too little

Nobody likes to wait. This is often an important step for the person applying for a job. With regular and clear communication, real sympathy points can be gained, especially if the applicant has several offers on the table. Even if the candidate decides in favour of another offer, a positive experience with the company will always remain in the back of their mind.

Do not tailor the job interview to IT specialists

Especially for job interviews in the IT sector, it is worthwhile for the HR department to bring along someone from their own IT department. Good preparation and a professional interview are not only an advantage for the company looking for employees, I can also offer the potential employee a great experience here. This is often reflected in the quality of the selection process.

Working conditions formulated too vaguely

Applicants want to get as accurate a picture as possible of their future job before signing the contract. Therefore, do not wait to be asked about this, but tell them about future tasks as well as the values of the company or, for example, the working hours and benefits.

Not paying (more) attention to existing employees

After hiring, some companies suddenly lose sight of their new employees. This can quickly backfire: In the form of a high staff turnover rate or bad reviews on employer platforms where employees vent about their working conditions. It is better if companies constantly ensure that all employees, existing and new, are happy and satisfied. And as a bonus, you can even involve employees in recruitment - for example via employee referral programmes.

Our offer for you in IT recruiting

If you want to reach the best IT professionals, get in touch with us. indivHR helps you become even more successful in IT recruiting and avoid common mistakes. We would be happy to accompany you on the way to introducing active sourcing in your company.

As IT recruitment specialists with many years of experience, we know exactly how to organise the candidate journey so that you are always ahead of your competitors. So that you get the best employees.