Active sourcing is not an all-purpose weapon in proactive recruiting, but with good strategic planning it can help to find the perfect candidate quickly. Coach Ilka Szentkiralyi knows what is important.

For all those who are not yet familiar with the term Active Sourcing: What is active sourcing in a nutshell?

Active Sourcing is an essential component of HR marketing and describes the proactive search for/approach to candidates sourcingfor clearly defined positions. The application process is reversed: the sourcer (as part of HR) takes on the active part! This can be done both offline and online. We divide the process into the search, the identification and the individual active approach.

Why is proactive recruiting so important these days? Is this type of approach equally suitable for all target/age groups?

I see the high significance in the prevailing shortage of skilled labour. There are simply more open positions than suitable applicants. We have to fight for talent and we can't do that by continuing to follow the classic post and pray principle. As already mentioned, the high importance of active sourcing can be seen in the shortage of skilled labour, which also means that the target group of active sourcing is primarily based on this - Age groups independent. However, this also means that active sourcing is not suitable for all target groups. I am still convinced that positions in the assembly sector, for example, can be found well via traditional adverts. In addition, the target group for active sourcing must also be available online. A fact that is not always true.

How does active sourcing differ from traditional headhunting?

The difference lies in the form of address. In active sourcing, the approaches are made exclusively in writing. sourcingcarried out. The candidates are analysed in advance and a clear number of candidates are defined with whom communication is to take place. Quality over quantity applies here. In addition, information about the client is disclosed very quickly and in detail. In classic headhunting, contact is made by telephone. This is primarily about enquiring about interest and the possibility of a follow-up telephone call in which further points can be discussed. In this case, quantity takes centre stage.

When it comes to active sourcing, many people think of making contact via LinkedIn or Xing. What other channels are there?

These are 2 of many possibilities. There are various methods that go beyond Xing and LinkedIn - and are even much more successful. We build and expand our networks in forums and blogs, identify talent and contact them.

Would you like to become more successful in recruiting? We support you with virtual and personal, customised training or individual advice. If you wish, we can take over the entire active sourcing process for you so that your recruiters can work with a well-filled pipeline.

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