employer branding

A reputable employer brand is a must for an organisation's strategy as it helps companies to recruit better candidates, reduce recruitment and marketing costs and improve productivity. For companies that still have doubts about investing in employer branding, here are the key reasons why it is so important.

1. help to retain employees and recruit new ones

A strong employer brand makes your employees proud to be part of the organisation. For most employees, being part of the right corporate culture is very important. A large proportion of employees look at employers' social media channels before applying for a job to get an idea of the brand image. They can also use these channels to get an idea of the employer's expectations and check whether they might fit in with the corporate culture.

2. reduces the cost per hire

If you have a well-known employer brand, you will have to invest less in recruitment costs on average per appointment in the long term. Potential candidates will be more likely to apply to your company compared to less well-known employer brands. Instead, you can invest part of your recruitment budget in employer branding or product development to differentiate your organisation from the competition. According to statistics, candidates are also willing to accept lower pay if they work for a company with positive reviews and a well-known brand.

3. your employees become your ambassadors

Current employees become your brand ambassadors and as a result, hiring through referrals increases. The more your employees speak favourably about you, the more good candidates you will receive. Involve your employees in your joint recruiting success and offer referral bonuses for hiring a referral.

4. improves employee engagement

Employees who work for strong brands are generally more enthusiastic and motivated. Having motivated employees is desirable for an employer because they are more productive and more productivity means more growth for a company. As your business grows, so does your revenue and this ensures the financial stability of your company. A financially stable company is always more attractive to potential candidates. In addition, your employees will feel more secure in their work.

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