Active sourcing requires very specific knowledge, a lot of experience and distinctive sourcing skills. That is why we believe that recruiters and classic headhunters are not active sourcers.


Typically, a recruiter's focus is not on actively sourcing candidates. Recruiters consult internally with managers, define job descriptions, select from existing candidates, conduct interviews, manage offers and finally onboard new employees. This means that recruiters should be highly skilled in communication, consultation and selection.

Classic headhunters

Headhunters also work differently - usually they look for executive level candidates. They network heavily with the C-level target group - the process is long and the selection process is very intensive. The fees are high compared to active sourcing because of this very intensive process.


Active sourcingIf sourcing managers (sourcing recruiters - also called sourcing consultants) want to be successful, they must have a detailed understanding of social networks, Web 2.0, newsgroups, forums, blogs, etc., and know how to successfully search these channels. They must be highly adaptable and flexible and know how to communicate effectively with each audience.

Sourcers must have different qualities compared to recruiters: they must be persistent and patient. They must be precise and consistently apply effective methods in their work and be very well organized.

For whom is Active Sourcing worthwhile?

Companies that fill at least 20 roles a year are more successful in recruiting if they use active sourcing. This gives them the advantage that the recruiter is continuously supplied with goal-qualified candidates with whom the specialist department can work. As a result, the candidate pipeline is always full and positions are filled more quickly. The company saves time and money and can successfully fill the open positions.

Active sourcing as a service

indivHR offers in the German-speaking area Active sourcing as a service and thus helps well-known companies to fill their IT positions. The founder, Ilka Szentkiralyi, worked for many years in an IT company as an international recruiter and has recognized that in the competitive market for IT talent, nothing works without a personal and individual approach to the candidates. From her point of view, the separation between the role of the active sourcer and the recruiter is necessary in order to successfully attract candidates.

Active sourcing with indivHR

indivHR offers HR managers the opportunity to proactively search for candidates. Be it for current vacancies or to build a candidate pipeline for the future. We support you with our team and over 15 years of experience in German-speaking countries. Tailor-made and precise. Fast and efficient.

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