Recruiting to Corona

In the age of Corona, nothing is the same anymore and the consequences of the pandemic have not even stopped at recruiting. From one day to the next, nothing is the same anymore. 

In recent days, we have had the opportunity to talk to a number of recruiters and HR consultants about this. In many places, there have been hiring freezes, but even promising applicants are increasingly withdrawing their applications due to uncertainty. In this crisis, candidates want to avoid risk and see themselves in a safe haven with their current employer, even though a change would mean many opportunities and personal development. Therefore: Yes, recruiting right now!

Set the right signals even in the crisis 

Companies are increasingly drawing the conclusion from this development that recruiting activities are being stopped for the time being. What follows from this? In some industries, the really acute need for personnel remains - in a few weeks, the search will inevitably have to be continued and then the whole process starts all over again and it takes another few weeks until really important positions can be filled. Candidates who have already been in the process and are now being turned down for the time being due to the crisis will receive the wrong signal as a result. They question their potential new employer and doubt the crisis security. Especially in times of crisis it is important to send the right signals on the job market. Show strength and determination, especially now, because in the future the factors that move candidates to change will change. The crisis will change things here.

Impending change in the candidate market Recruiting to Corona

For years, we have been experiencing an increased shortage of specialists on the one hand and fewer and fewer candidates considering a change on the other. A candidate market has developed in which specialists can dictate the terms of a change. Always higher, faster, further. That could be the end of it now. The pandemic has made us all aware of the finite nature of our feel-good oasis. Jobs that we thought were safe are not safe forever. There are things that we cannot influence and that can hit us like an avalanche. This borderline experience changes our awareness of the really important things in life. Family and health. Employers will be re-evaluated and the requirements for the ideal workplace will change. Attractiveness will increasingly be measured by factors such as crisis security and readiness for modern and flexible forms of office work ("new work").

Standstill is regression

That is precisely why it is now of enormous importance to continue. Standing still is a step backward. Those who move forward now will have a decisive head start after the crisis. Because one thing is also clear: there will be a time after the Corona crisis and there are jobs that need to be filled, even after Corona. Stopping all these activities now is a big risk and ensures that you will be squeezed at a later date. Right now, use the time wisely and send the right signals to the candidate market: we are still on the ball, we will continue to expand, we are weathering this crisis and we want to continue to grow.

What can you do now?

Build your candidate pipeline - recruiting according to Corona

Instead of abruptly discontinuing application processes that have been started, it is precisely now that interviews should be continued. Now is exactly the right time to get to know candidates and hold interviews. Many people have the time right now to conduct interviews that they would not even have the time for in their normal working day. It works in people, they question their current work, their employer and open up. If they send the right signals here, you can respond directly after the crisis to your Pipeline fall back on and fill important positions quickly. That's what will give you the edge you need when the economy picks up again.

Digitization of the Recruiting processes

Even before the crisis, many candidates who were only latently willing to change had no desire for long and complex application processes. Do candidates really always have to travel all over Germany for an initial interview? Doesn't it make sense to make more use of the possibilities of digitalization and offer video interviews? A decisive second interview can then still take place in person, but there is the possibility, especially at a time like this, to continue conversations and not to stop all activities. You can be forced to practice, tweak and perfect this type of conversation. Maybe it will even become an important tool for recruiting in the future?

There's no reason to stop recruiting and abandon all activities. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and give yourself exactly the head start you need when life returns to normal. Ultimately, this is how you lay the foundation for future success.

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